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immiPass ®


immiPass ® is the latest software in our range of border management systems.  It takes advantage of new e-Passport technologies while continuing a production data model with a robust track record.  (Ask us what makes our data model superior.)


immiPass manages critical aspects of border management operations, including passports, arrivals and departures, alerts, vehicles, visas, permits, extensions and overstayers.


immiPass delivers enhanced border security through an INTERPOL interface, passport and visa authentication, biometric options, sophisticated alerts and criminal identification tools.


immiPass automatically checks passports against INTERPOL's Stolen and Lost Travel Document (SLTD) database.


immiPass is a secure web (browser based) system, resulting in ease of deployment to multiple sites, mobile locations, multiple government agencies and embassies.  (Should you require it, we also have a windows client-server system).


immiPass has been designed to maximize operational benefits from the use of e-Passports, while remaining streamlined for older standard passports.  It also integrates with biometric identity solutions.


immiPass features and options at a glance:


•        Leading with powerful functionality

•        Leading with superior flexibility, using an extensive configuration engine

•        Secure INTERPOL interface provides powerful real-time information for front-line officers, by accessing data on person notices and more than 39 million lost and stolen passports from 166 countries

•        e-Passport capability

•        Biometric identity verification solutions

•        Multi-language capability - ask us for our language range

•        Browser based for accessibility

•        Ease of use and rapid processing

•        Always available: fallback mode allows processing to continue when network is unavailable

•        Secure access by multiple government agencies (Immigration, Customs, Police, Passport Office, etc)

•        Integration with other systems: passport issuing, e-gates, police, airline advance passenger data, etc

•        Technology independence / agnostic in readers and biometrics

•        Ideal for "border efficiency management systems" - streamlining processing at common border crossings.


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